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Travel to Ukraine Links


This page is for announcing your trips, in particular to Ukraine. Although, you may want to share your trips to other locales. Here you may want to describe the trip, along with any photos of interest. Tthis page will also be to organize trips to Ukraine to search out the villages of our ancestry.We also will use this page to exchange travel tips to Ukraine. Many people are leery about taking the trip due to the uncertainties they may face. By exchanging tips we can plan to avoid risky situations. There are many sites which offer travel tips to Ukraine. Here are a few worth noting.






Ukraine Travel Guide




Ukraine Travel


Ukraine travel tips-Odyssey


Travel Guide for Ukraine


UKRAINE TRAVEL Tips Bulletin Board





Ten Useful Sets of Links – New Travel Portal. We search for engine and itinerary in Russia and Ukraine. We suggest thousands of hotels, we foresee good weather. Currency, online ticket booking, visas and travel forum – for all the travelers!

1. Weather, forecast, climate in Ukraine from different sources.


2. Maps of Ukraine (different scales), r/w maps, Ukraine geography.


3. Ukrainian travel guides. General information, culture, history, arts of Ukraine, population, currency and habits.


4. News from Ukraine, handy search engines, mass media of Ukraine and about Ukraine.


5. Informarion about Ukraine regions and towns.,Ukraine


6. Embassies and consulates of Ukraine in different countries, consulate service, visa support. The Ukraine Ministry of foreign affairs.


7. Transport in Ukraine, avto- and avia transport, airline companies, flight time tables. FLIGHT


8. Railways of Ukraine, broad and narrow gauges railway lines, railway time tables from Kiev and across Ukraine (the official site "UZ" -"Ukrzaliznitza".


9. Nature of Ukraine, biosphere reserves, parks, flora and fauna.


10. Photo albums and galleries about Ukraine and different towns, Landscapes of the Crimea and Carpathian mountains, architecture.